kinetic theory design and user experience

We put ideas into motion.

Kinetic Theory was founded on the idea that innovation should be actionable. We collaborate with visionary companies to seize opportunities, design intuitive customer experiences, and build meaningful products that people actually use.


Innovative products require revolutionary thinking. We collaborate closely with visionaries to develop holistic strategies, unique concepts, and a deep understanding of the market.


Great UX should be both creatively compelling and visually appealing. We use human-centered design principles and workflows to craft memorable experiences for your customers.


It's not enough to design an engaging product—you have to deliver it to market, too. We use cutting-edge technologies to build and launch products that deliver concrete business results.

Brands trust us.

About Us.

As strategists, designers, engineers, and analysts, we work with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to build and ship products that solve real problems.

We create holistic customer experiences while maintaining a relentless focus on delivering concrete business results.

Let's put things in motion.