kinetic theory design and user experience

Innovation should be actionable.

Kinetic Theory is a user experience design and development firm. We work with enterprise innovators and visionary founders to create delightful customer experiences and deliver meaningful products that people value.


We put ideas into motion. Holistic strategies and a deep understanding of the market are just the beginning. Exploration and validation build the confidence visionaries need to achieve their goals.


User experience is a key ingredient of innovation success. Thoughtfully crafted products and solutions solve real-world problems, improve people’s lives, and provide a utility that delights.


Strategy must be united with execution to deliver the effortless experience that customers expect. True innovation is achieved when these two pieces join in cohesive harmony.

Brands trust us.

About Us.

A culture of shipping is at the core of what we do.

As strategists, designers, engineers, and analysts, it’s our passion to create beautiful products that solve real problems while maintaining a relentless focus on delivering results.

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